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Latex font style

Latex font style

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LaTeX normally chooses the appropriate font and font size based on the logical structure of the document (e.g. sections). In some cases, you may want to set  Font typefaces - Font sizes - Font styles - Font sizes, families, and styles. The popular LaTeX font typefaces are originated from four families: Computer Modern (default in standard LaTeX classes): CM Roman, CM Sans Serif, CM Typewriter. Latin Modern: LM Roman, LM Sans Serif, LM Typewriter, LM Dunhill. Post Script Fonts: Times, Utopia/Fourier, Palatino, Bookman, Helvetica, Courier. LaTeX command, Equivalent switch, Output style, Remarks document font family, This is the default or normal font. \emph{ } {\em. Font families - Emphasizing text - Sizing text - Using alternative fonts.

The LaTeX Font Catalogue. [Front Page] [Serif Fonts] [Serif Fonts, Sub- Categorised] [Sans Serif Fonts] [Typewriter Fonts] [Calligraphical and Handwritten Fonts]. monospace) can also be used using the following declaration or format commands: Serif/Roman: \rmfamily \textrm{} San Serif: \sffamily \textsf{} Typewriter: \ttfamily \texttt{}. 10 Aug The font style describes whether a font is with decorations (serif) or without (sans serif) as well as other features of its appreance (bold, italic, etc.). These features are available through specific commands in LaTeX.

LATEX font styles. Text shape: you can choose a text “shape” with various “text” commands: \textit{italics text}. \textsl{slanted text}. \textsc{small caps text}. 15 Feb sired style, e.g., \textsf corresponds to \sffamily. See, e.g., [1] the “LATEX names ” of the font families you want to use, and you need to know if. If you make a LaTeX document without using many packages and without altering other defaults, then the style of the document is largely. CW from the comments: Instead of \usepackage{amssymb, amsmath, mathptmx}. (mathptmx is a Times clone), use \usepackage{amssymb. Changing the Font Style. in which case LaTeX will give a warning message, and will substitute the font for what it considers to be the closest available.