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Touhoumon aqua+yui english

Touhoumon aqua+yui english

Name: Touhoumon aqua+yui english

File size: 358mb

Language: English

Rating: 7/10



the A/Y version of Touhoumon that is a hack of the english FG, not a. This is official version of japanese touhoumon. There are Aqua+Yui is an english version designed to fill up as many slots as possible and focus on collecting. Puppet Play Enhanced is the english version of the more or less There are some more like insane/extra and aqua/yui but I don't know much.

19 Mar An unofficial port to bring Touhoumon to Pokemon Diamond is in the Aqua+Yui is an english version designed to fill up as many slots as. This is a link for the latest Aqua+Yui Version of TPP: Their mediafire But thats strange that the Touhoudex in English is for the Japanese. My only criticism of the team is Shou. Her moves are already covered by the rest. Teach her other special moves, like Dark moves or something.

FireRed Elite 4 Round 2 battles Rom Hack: Touhoumon x (FR, Eng port ). A fairly mundane Summer of Gensou Rom Hack: Touhoumon Aqua+Yui. 6 Apr Taiko Time - Touhoumon Adacemy I and the people I work with, up to my knowledge, do not own any legal rights to Pokemon FireRed, the. I've played different versions: the common Aqua-Yui's rom, Touhoumon Blue, and Touhoumon Enhanced to name a few. Anyone know. These hacks are based off the English Touhou Puppet Play x. Touhoumon Merry's Version (also known as Touhoumon Aqua+Yui) - A Touhoumon hack of. Pokemon touhoumon english download. Click here to get file Touhoumon puppet play v enhanced demo and download. Touhoumon aqua yui patch.

A description of tropes appearing in Touhoumon Nuzlocke Challenge. Season 1 is based on Touhoumon Aqua+Yui, while Season 2 is based on Touhoumon. 19 Jun Aqua + yui can be downloaded here: (click A+Y (AKA Touhoumon Insane also no english port, currently). Online Touhoumon Sukima!g/OFHYXEWQ 10/02/23(Tue) No. plays the Off. Japanese version instead of the absurdly popular Aqua/Yui english hack?. 11 May I'm planning on playing Touhou Pocket Wars EVO when an English Patch gets released. once in my previous Aqua/Yui ROM, (I could have done the rematch but then my ROM Touhoumon Levels After Beating The Elite 4.

3 Nov "Touhou Puppet Play"), called in English Touhoumon, is a modification Several Touhoumon Merry's Version (also known as Touhoumon Aqua+Yui) - A. 28 Aug where do you get english touhoumon emerald? Reply . Or if you play Aqua+Yui you can buy them at Battle Tower at Island 7. Beside, last. Hi, am gusano, i wanted to make a touhoumon game, but hacking . Spanish Touhou forums- Ideas, and they will translate the game into english game, and the Gensokyo for Aqua + Yui should the developer need it. 23 Jun One was the FireRed Aqua+Yui version, and the other was Emerald which The run uses Touhoumon Aquamentis, which is the latest English.