Artist Spotlights: Jackson and Polkinhorn

Discover the creative minds behind the artwork featured across our Unjournal!

This issue features graphic design expert Christian Jackson, and current SDSU M.A. student and artist, Cecilia Polkinhorn.

Artists Collage - Transformations

Volume 1, Issue 1 (July 2013) 

Christian Jackson

Christian Jackson is a designer and illustrator working in the ’burbs of Chicago. Christian runs a digital shop where he creates art prints, icon sets, and fonts, with lots of cool stuff to download for free. Design-wise, he mainly works in the interactive sphere focusing heavily on UI and UX. His minimalist style is mixed with what he calls an obsessive curiosity, which tends to result in works that are simple at a glance but build complexity with a stare. Christian subscribes to a simple code: “If it’s not beautiful or useful, than it’s not worth having.” His Classic Children’s Story series came from a creative energy that was thrust upon him when he became a father. Now the father of two crazy and brilliant girls, he finds their inspiration keeps him silly and playful, fueling his creative projects.

More of his work can be seen on display at the SDSU ChildLit Grad Student Association website, as well as in his portfolio.

The artwork featured here is reprinted with the permission of Christian Jackson. (

"Alice in Wonderland," from Classic Children's Story Series by Christian JacksonPrincess and the Pea, by C. JacksonSnow White, by C. Jackson

Cecilia Polkinhorn

Describing herself as a perpetual student of the arts and humanities, Cecilia has found artistic vision wherever she has turned. Born in El Centro, CA, she moved to San Diego in 2001, eventually earning her Bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University in Multimedia Art and English. Cecilia has traveled to various major cities whenever opportunities have availed, falling in love with the bustling urban atmospheres that still echo with the voices of American authors. She combines disciplines to give visual representation to literature and personal experience, using textual elements in her art and visual elements in her writing. Cecilia is spending her summer in Van Nuys, CA but will be completing her M.A. in English Literature at SDSU, while also continuing her career in art and writing. Expect to see more of her art in the Unjournal in the coming months!

The artwork featured here is reprinted with the permission of Cecilia Polkinhorn. (

Child Prodigy, by C. Polkinhorn
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